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Ruffed grouse, Grouse Dogs

Grouse Camp

West Hill Outfitters is one of the premier grouse dog trainers in the country. We offer a variety of training for all levels, from novice to advanced, with an emphasis on upland bird dog training and pointing dog training. Our experienced trainers will ensure that your dog gets the best experience possible.

We are located in the heart of prime grouse and woodcock country, 

Grouse Champion, Grouse Dog, Pointing Dog
Grouse Dog, Pointing Dog, Dog Training

West Hill Outfitters provides a unique and challenging opportunity to hone your dog’s skills. Our 3 month "Grouse Camp" is tailored to all skill levels and can help you and your dog prepare for the upcoming  season. We provide numerous wild bird contacts every day so your dog can learn to handle the "King" of the game birds.  Grouse being the toughest game bird for a pointing dog to handle, West Hill Outfitters can help you and your dog reach the highest level of success.

We are dedicated to providing the best grouse dog training experience available. Our program starts with conditioning, then moves on to bird manors, and from there we move on to grouse and woodcock. Our trainers have a passion for the sport that is second to none. We will help you and your dog take the next step in becoming a successful hunting team.

Grouse Camp starts in late May early June of each year and wraps up in early September. Just in time for you and your companion to get ready for the season opener. 

Ruffed Grouse
Grouse Dog training, pointing dog training
Grouse Dog, Grouse Dog training, Grouse Camp
Grouse dog, Pointing dog training, English setter Training

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