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About The West Hill Family

Dubriske Family, West Hill outfitters

Dubriske Family 2023

After Adam and Nicole were married they spent their Honeymoon hunting rabbits in northern New Hampshire. Both Adam and Nicole share a passion for training dogs, hunting and spending time outside.


With five children and a couple of vocal Beagles, space was at a premium and the family purchased their 10 acre homestead on West Hill in 2010. Clearly the apple didn't fall far from the tree, all of their children enjoy going hunting and training the dogs. So not only is the land the family's own personal playground, it has also been groomed to become a backyard bird dog training ground where the entire family can participate.

West Hill Outfitters has significantly grown since our start. With more exciting growth in 2023. Our 2 daughters graduate highschool this year one is off to become a vet and one is off for business management, we purchased a 20' fishing boat to expand our offerings and we are in negotiations to add another guide on to the staff.

In the past 13 years we have grown the facility at our Troy location, we added a second location in Pittsburg NH for both dog training and guiding, and we have add a 3rd location in Hoffman NC for winter training.

We look forward to shareing our passion of the outdoors with you!

West Hill outfitters

Dubriske Family 2018

West Hill Outfitters

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